Synergy Fitness FAQs

How does Synergy work?

Synergy provides a workplace for professional trainers. There are no membership fees, you simply hire a trainer or bring your trainer here, and you're ready to get to work!

How do I find a trainer?
Just call me at 415 595 7793, or email me at, and I will personally assess your goals and refer you to a trainer who I feel would be well suited for you. It is common for people to "audition" trainers before settling on one, so you don't have to feel locked in before making your choice.

What are the hours?
Trainers have access to Synergy 24 hours a day!

Are there shower facilities?
Both facilities have full shower access and free towel service.

As a trainer, how does one get to work out of Synergy?
Synergy's trainer rates are the most reasonable in the city, and a a result, many choose to run their businesses through here. As a trainer, you must be certified, experienced, and insured. Contact me at (415)595-7793. See you at the gym!! Mark Woods, Synergy Fitness Studio

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