Yoga & Gyrotonic San Francisco at Synergy Fitness

YOGA Synergy now offers Hatha yoga at its spacious Presidio Heights location. Hatha is an immensly popular way to improve flexibility and joint mobility, strengthen, tone, and build muscle, correct posture and ease back pain, and encourage weight loss in you body. Ask about our pre and post natal classes!

GYROTONIC® is a whole body system that combines circular, fluid movement with resistance training. Specialized equipment provides the resistance for exercises designed to:

  • stretch and strengthen the entire body
  • improve flexibility and range of motion
  • increase strength,agility, and coordination
  • tone and balance the spine

Contact Synergy today to find out how you can start on a Yoga or GYROTONIC® program.

Synergy Fitness Studio  •   1217B Polk St. • 1505 North Point  •  3556 Sacramento • San Francisco, CA  • 415.595.7793  •  Email  • design: TSD

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